Mother Nature or God’s Glory

I wonder why it’s “mother nature” and not “father nature”. Would it be necessary to wonder ’bout this? Of a truth the role of a mother can not be overemphasized, that’s why I’m giving kudos to all mother for their good job of parenting…

But does nature really have a mother?

I think, nature like humans and every other existed things does have a creator and “Mother Nature” shouldn’t take the place of the one who created all things…

God is the creator of everything that exists, He created all things for His glory and by His word everything were made…

#God’s_glory #don’t idolize MotherNature #Jesus is God’s word #Genesis1 #colosians1:16 #John1

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the spirit behind nature since it’s created by a Spirit (a holy one) in my next post. My quest is aimed at answering this bothering question;

Can Nature spirit be defiled?
Is Nature’s spirit still holy?
How many spirit does nature have?
What happens when nature is spiritless?

(I’m really curious, pardon me!)

I’d love to hear your thoughts in love to hear your thoughts in the “comment box”.

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